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Why won't anyone name the Bad PhosphorImager?

nishir at ohsu.edu nishir at ohsu.edu
Tue Aug 24 15:19:52 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug24.145101.27046 at news.yale.edu> ALSOBROOK at biomed.med.yale.edu
(John Alsobrook) writes:
>Since I'm currently not in the market for a phosphoimager, I can't read
>the lines and figure out who the bad guys are.  But when I *DO* see a
>phosphoimager on my horizon, I'd sure like to be able to recognize this
>company's name by associating it with dismal customer service now -- so how
>about helping us all out here, and name that company... everyone discusses
>company names and products in this newsgroup, and the only way to get
>to change their ways is to vote with your (or your grant's ;-) ) checkbook!
>There's no liability in saying "we bought X from Y and didn't like it"; it's
>your net-given right to express these fine opinions! 
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As was pointed out to me by a more observant scientist interested in
phosphoimagers, there is only one on the market that has the capacity to image
chemiluminescence; ie., it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who it

Rae Nishi
Portland OR

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