Silver staining DNA

dkim at unm.edu dkim at unm.edu
Tue Aug 24 09:55:02 EST 1993

Hi.  Thanks for all the advice about silver staining.  I have been told so far
that silver staining is as sensitive as radioactivity in detection, at least 
sometimes.  I was referred to _Analytical Biochemistry_  196:80-83 (1991)
and was told that this method is now licensed to Promega in a kit for non-
radioactive sequencing called "Silver Sequence".  I will be getting info on 
this in the mail, and I'll post a followup on the kit.  I have yet to try
silver staining, but I am encouraged that Promega has enough confidence in it
that they are marketing it.  Maybe I'll try the kit first.  It'll be nice to
be able to get away from radioactivity.   Daniel Kim

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