minigels on slides keep floating away - help

Andre Hamel hamel at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Wed Aug 25 17:33:50 EST 1993

In article <25e0lv$1e3 at skeena.ucs.ubc.ca> gstuart at unixg.ubc.ca (Gregory Stuart) writes:
>Shiver me timbers! I have been making little mini-gels on frosted
>microscope slides, by mixing molten 1% LMP agarose with lymphocytes, and
>pipeting this onto the slides, and overlaying the agarose with a
>coverslip. Later, I remove the coverslip (carefully sliding it off the
>agarose) and place the slide in an alkaline lysis buffer. However, many
>times my gels will separate from the slides. Any sugesstions? Thanks, Greg.

How about using a frosted (etched) slide?

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