HELP! Transfection of S49 cells

Richard Marcellus richardm at
Wed Aug 25 21:12:54 EST 1993

I have been trying unsuccessfully to transiently transfect S49 T lymphoma
cells. I have tried CaPO4, DEAE Dextran and Lipofection with completely
negative results (using pSV2CAT as a control). I need to use this cell
line because the variant I am using is cAMP negative and this is a 
necessary requirement for our experiments.

Additionally, I am interested on any information on other cell lines
(adherent or nonadherent) that have defects in the cAMP pathway resulting
in no cAMP-dependent kinase activity.

Thank you for your help

Richard Marcellus
Dept. of Biochemistry
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
richardm at

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