clogged DNA synthizer lines

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> We are having trouble with the dG-CE-phosphoramidite from Cruachem, which
> forms a precipitate consisting of large globs when on an ABI DNA synthezier.
> Cruachem rep says I'm the only one with this problem, ABI service rep says
> she replaces clogged lines caused by this problem all the time.  Is anyone
> else seeing this on their DNA synthisizing machines?
> Please reply to LEVIA at VTVM1, and if anyone is intrested I"ll post the results.
> Thanks for your help in advance.
> Laura E. Via, Ph.D.
> Biology Dept. Va Tech
> Blacksburg VA
> LEVIA at


We predominantly use the Cruachem phosphoramidites and the only globs I
sometimes see are when the phosphoramidites are initially diluted in the
bottles. This soon disappears. However, I would take the side of your
machine off and monitor the synthesis.

Our lab, had the first ABI model 392 DNA synthesizer to break down. The
problem was that at some point during the synthesis cycle, iodine (i think)
was being shunted to the wrong place. When we checked, this formed a
whitish precipitate in some of the lines.

This in fact happened, while one of their service reps was looking at the
machine, and not until we pointed this out did they believe WE were not to

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