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Detergent and Competent Cells...

vernon VERNON at za.ac.uct.micro
Fri Aug 27 06:02:14 EST 1993

> Date:          27 Aug 93 15:04:41 AET
> From:          RUNTING at licre.ludwig.edu.au
> Subject:       Detergent and Competent Cells...
> To:            "bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts mail newsgroup" <bionet-news at dl.ac.uk>
> Reply-to:      RUNTING at licre.ludwig.edu.au

>     Just a quick question, has anyone out there ever had troubles with
> detergents used in washing glassware which is then used for making
> competent bugs (eg NM522/MC1061's etc.) We changed our detergent a few
> months back, and coincidently our ability to make high competency
> bugs seemed to fall. 10^4 colonies /microgram seemed to be the best
> I could get, whereas this was at least 10^6, 10^7 before. Before we blame
> the detergent I thought I'd see if this has happened to others first.
>     Any replies would be much appreciated, either to this newsgroup
> or to me via email.
> Andrew Runting
> (Ph.D. student, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research)
> (Email  RUNTING at licre.ludwig.edu.au )

I can't remember where I saw it reported, but I do recall that
detergents left in SS34 centrifuge tubes used for making competent
cells has an adverse effect on the competency of the cells.  I try
and keep a set of SS34 tubes aside that are never exposed to

Well that's my 2c worth,

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