Detergent and Competent Cells...

Fri Aug 27 04:22:48 EST 1993

	Just a quick question, has anyone out there ever had troubles with
detergents used in washing glassware which is then used for making
competent bugs (eg NM522/MC1061's etc.) We changed our detergent a few 
months back, and coincidently our ability to make high competency
bugs seemed to fall. 10^4 colonies /microgram seemed to be the best
I could get, whereas this was at least 10^6, 10^7 before. Before we blame 
the detergent I thought I'd see if this has happened to others first.

	Any replies would be much appreciated, either to this newsgroup
or to me via email.

Andrew Runting
(Ph.D. student, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research)
(Email  RUNTING at )

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