Cloning PCR fragments

Mon Aug 30 08:24:14 EST 1993

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> Has anyone out there used BRL's Lipofectamine Reagent for
> transfecting eukaryotic cells?  

I have used their Lipofectin reagent, as opposed to their Lipofectamine.  
It works nicely, but what the package insert neglects to mention is that 
you need a ratio of about 5:1 lipofectin:DNA to get it to work.  I use it 
at 10 mcg/ml (= 10 microlitre/ml) lipofectin to 2 mcg/ml DNA as the end 
concentration.  This needs to be optimised for the cell line and the 
plasmid  you are using, and also the time of transfection needs to be 
optimised; an hour either side of the optimum can make the difference 
between success and failure.

Somebody else at our Institute (who introduced me to Lipofectin) has done a 
few preliminary experiments with Lipofectamine and did not generate any 
colonies, but maybe it just needs a bit more tweaking.

Ian Davis                                       davis at
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Melbourne Tumour Biology Branch
Melbourne, Australia.

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