Good Plasmid software required

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Thu Dec 2 09:50:39 EST 1993

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BCRUBIN at writes:
>We are working with an endless number of plasmids, and keep track using
a Hyper
>Card stack we designed. My question is: can anyone recommend a GOOD
plasmid dra
>wing software? One I could tell "add fregment Hind3-Kpn1 from plasmid
XXX and a
>dd it to plasmid YYY"?

The nicest one I've seen for a Macintosh is The Gene Construction Kit
from Textco, Inc.  The literature I have on it is a few years old now,
but the price has probably the same at $895 (US), $495 (US) for academic
customers, shipping outside the US $15 (US).  There is a demo disk for $5
(US).  Textco is at 27 Gilson Rd., West Lebanon, New Hampshire 03784 and
can be reached by phone at 603-643-1471.

The only drawback, beyond the price, is that it requires that the
sequences of the fragments and vectors be known.

Good luck,

Jim Owens
Just someone impressed with a live demo and wishing he could
qualify for the academic discount.

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