Multiple Simultaneous Probes in Northerns?

Dr. Richard V. Goering rgoeri at BLUEJAY.CREIGHTON.EDU
Thu Dec 2 08:09:17 EST 1993

Take a look at the Boehringer multicolor detection (i.e., "rainbo" probe) 
set.  The essential idea is to be able to detect three different probes, 
giving three different color reactions, simultaneously on the same blot.  
The original reference to the procedure is:

Hoeltke, H.J., Ettl, I., Finken, M., West, S., and W. Kunz. 1992. Anal. 
Biochem. 207:24-31.

In the U.S., the product is marketed under Boehringer-Mannheim catalog 
number 1465 341.  We've tried it and it does work.

Good luck,

Richard Goering (rgoeri at
Dept. Med. Microbiol.
Creighton Univ. Sch. Med.
Omaha, NE 68178

On 1 Dec 1993, Stefan M. Gorsch wrote:

> Anyone know whether it's possible to probe a Northern with three
> different probes at once rather than sequentially, assuming the bands
> of interest do not comigrate? 
> Stefan Gorsch

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