Exo III Deletions

Bradley Turner bturner at MED-ITVAX1.BU.EDU
Fri Dec 3 02:39:28 EST 1993

Does any one have any experience with the Exo III deletion
method of W Richard McCombie et al. published in 
METHODS(A companion to Methods in Enzymology) 3(1):33-40, 1991 ?

This method recommends a Klenow end repair/blunting of the
deleted plasmid both before and after an agarose gel purification
of the deleted plasmid.

Why is the second repair reaction done? Is it necessary or 
redundatn? What is its effect on the subsequent ligation and
transformations ?

Thank You,
Brad Turenr
bturner at med-itvax1.bu.edu

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