requesting EMBL3 sequence

Fei Wang fwang at
Thu Dec 2 14:09:31 EST 1993

I am in the process of subcloning from an EMBL3 genomic clone.  So far, I have
succeeded in cloning all except one DNA fragment that is 3.7 kb in length and
adjacent to the left arm.  I have failed in numerous attempts in cloning this
fragment.  Since I have sequence information in the middle of this fragment, I
am thinking of using PCR to amplify a short piece of this fragment and clone the
PCR product.   One of the primer will align to the middle of the target
sequence.  The other primer will align internal to the left arm.  I will run a
primer test on these two primers.  However, to perform the testing, I will need
EMBL3 sequence information.  I would appreciate if someone send me this sequence
information.  My email address in fwang at

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