plasmid based fusion protein vec for immunoscreen?

Fri Dec 3 13:32:43 EST 1993

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>Immunoscreening fusion-protein cDNA libraries.  A quick look at
>the (catalog) literature, shows lambda gt11-type phage vectors
>with a cloning site that produces a lac-fusion protein. Are there
>similarly designed _plasmid_ vectors out there?  If so would there
>be any reason not to use them instead of phage?  We would prefer
>plasmids this time.  Any comments are welcome.
>--Jeff Martino
 If your favorite protein is toxicregulatorymembraneproteaseetc you are
 much better of with phage plaques than with plasmids, which are likely to
 sustain various deletions leading to a losschange of the protein of interest.
 However, you could try, e.g. pGEMEX (Promega). Good luck.
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