Software (free?) for PCR primer design?

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Fri Dec 3 13:45:26 EST 1993

Hi James,

One of the best primer design packages is Oligo v4. Ah I hear you say, it 
isn't free. But v2.0 was free! This is the original program that was 
published in NAR two or three years ago and was freely available if one 
pushed hard enough. I say this because the original NAR item said that the
program was freely available but the author refused to let it out. I believe 
this is contrary to the NAR rules so in due course it was made available.

Those publishing in NAR in future please note! It is becoming increasingly 
difficult to get hold of strains etc even for just non-commercial research 

Anyway somewhere I have copy of v2.0 so I'll try and find it.

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