Help:How to inactivate Viper venom

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Fri Dec 3 15:18:39 EST 1993

Hi Dan

We immobilize the viper venom protease on agarose beads, and then run a
Sephadex G-100 or equivalent (the MW of the viper venom protease is ~105
kD) in case any came off the beads. The venom protease is completely
inactive without Ca++, so EDTA works well as a reversible inhibitor. A good
reference (if your library goes back far enough) is Schiffman et al. 1969,
Biochemistry 8(4)1397-1405.


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dkolk at (Dan Kolk) wrote:
> 	We are doing our own Factor X activation with Russells viper venom.  We
> have yet to find an article describing how to inactivate the viper venom
> once factor X is activated.  Anyone know any good articles on the subjects.
> 																																			Thanks in advance 
> 																																				Dan Kolk

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