Competent E Coli Storage

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Sun Dec 5 12:32:34 EST 1993

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>bturner at MED-ITVAX1.BU.EDU (Bradley Turner) wrote:
>*> Does anyone have any experience with the E Coli transformation
>*> method of H Inoue, H Nojima, H Okayama in GENE 96:23-28, 1990.
>*> Can the competent cells produced by this method be stored at
>*> -80 degrees C, the paper only mentions storage at liq nitrogen.
>*> How long can they be stored at -80?
>Why don't you try calling one or more of the authors and ask them?

Imagine how easy this would be if everyone (who has Email/internet access) 
would list their email addresses as part of their correspondence address!
The first time I did this, the journal editor was the first one to use it.
What a convenience!
	-Peter M. Muriana

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