Semi-Dry Blotting System

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at
Mon Dec 6 18:57:22 EST 1993

In article <Ygzqeye00WBM02JctQ at>, Klara Briknarova
<kb87+ at> wrote:

> I'm looking for a semi-dry blotting system for protein blotting. I would
> appreciate any suggestions or experience with systems available in the
> US (and the price if you know). 
> Thanks a lot.
>                                            Klara
We have bought 2 Bio-rad semi-dry blotters and use them each about twice a
day. Other than a screw coming loose, there have been no problems. They run
about $800.

We also tried the OWL gizmo, and (while I usually love all of owl's stuff)
it was clunky and hard to use. It eventually broke when it was dropped,
owing to it'e being slippery and heavy.

Overall, I would avoid those units that are made of glued up plexiglas,
they will have to be heavier than injection molded stuff. I do recomment
the semi-dry technique over any tank method, at least for "normal"

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