Lambda DNA mini-preps?

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Mon Dec 6 00:55:02 EST 1993

In article <2dr6pn$bmv at>, rocket1 at (Richard Near) writes:
> If someone has a good method to prepare lambda DNA as minipreps, I'd
> be interested.  I've been growing 50ml (using LE392), doing a PEG
> precip., proteinase K, Phenol/Chloroform technique. I've been getting
> low yields, but the DNA is at least cuttable.
>   What can I do to increase my yields (I get good lysis) yet keep the 
> prep simple.  The DNA should be clean enough for clone mapping and
> I intend to use it as a template for PCR sequencing.
> Mucho thanks,
> Rick

I grew my lambda phages on agrose plates (It's risky using agar). using DNase
and RNase to digest the E.coli DNA and RNA and then Pelleting the virus 
particles using PEG. Redissolve the pellet in TE and phenol-chloroform
extraction. Good yield and cuttable and PCRable.

Good Luck.

Zhonglin Chai


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