TNT coupled T7 reactions (homemade)

Michael Coady coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Tue Dec 7 09:08:21 EST 1993

In article <djt2-061293183806 at> djt2 at (Dennis J. Templeton) writes:
>A recent discussion centered on the relative merits of the coupled
>Transcription 'n' Translation system of Promega. I agree with the comments
>of others, that this is a reliable procedure preferable to the uncoupled
>reaction, except at the level of price gouging. I am reposting our recipe
>for the homemade version, which in our last test worked better (25% more
>yield) than the promega version.
>We are satisfied users of the TNT system from Promega; the one-tube
>translation and transcription system that allows you to simply add a T7
>plasmid into a reticulocyte lysate and get radiolabelled plasmid out.  That

	This is a useful method, but I'd like to point out a small 
error to any newbies who might not be familiar with the TNT system.
It is used to make radiolabelled proteins, not plasmids.  Thanks for
posting the buffer solutions, Dennis, 'cause this system does look very


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