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> I have been reviewing software for this application for some time.  I can
> recomend "Clone" for the IBM ($900-) or "Gene Construction Kit" for the 
> Mac ($1200-).  Both have pared down, accademic versions for about $400- to 
> $500-.  There is supposed to be another one coming out soon, but it's still
> in development.   At present I am using Clone, but I think GCK is a better
> program.  I have the addresses for all 3 companies at my other desk.  Drop 
> me an email if you want them.  Please post if you find anything else.
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Although I do not particularly endorse anyone's product, I have been using the
GCK package for about two years now.  It is very good as a graphic package on
the MAC and can do many interactive things with DNA and proteins.  The DNA
sequence is part of the graphics and you can do 'cloning' experiments on the
spot.  It can be cumbersome (at least our package; don't know about the 'pared
down academic package').  Other than some quirks and not being able to ask the
program to go through a list of restriction enzymes and report what unique
sites my dna has :-(, it is a very workable program.  The documentation is fair
but has confused me tremendously at times and doing some things, especially
with proteins, is not intuitive.  It's gel program that gives a simulated
restriction digest has always amazed me (they now have some good DNA standards
to boot).

File transfer from the UWGCG to the Mac (performed by PacerLink) has been
straightforward once some deficiences were recognized.

Once some analysis is done in the UW program, I quickly move it to the GCK


Jim Miller
Lilly Research Laboratories
Indianapolis, IN

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