Creepy sequencing gels

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Mon Dec 6 18:24:46 EST 1993

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> HI netters
>     I would like to add my $.02 worth Here!  I have noticed that the degree
> of expansion of an acrylamide gel correlates with the number of times you wash
> the wells!  That is to say the loss of Urea from the gel, by washing
> the wells or Well, seems to give rise to this effect.  I do not wash my wells

Absolutely true! We used to have this problem occasionally, but now pre-run
without washing the wells at all (they are dry with no unpol acrylamide

We also now bind our gels to glass so that they can't dreep, though this is
to simplify fixing and drying.

Dennis J. Templeton
CWRU School of Medicine

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