TB agar?

Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Wed Dec 8 16:41:37 EST 1993

<WRATHAL at auvm.american.edu> writes:
> I have been following the thread concerning LB and TB, and wondered if
> anyone out there had tried using  T(B?) as a solid medium. If the
> characteristics of the liquid carry over, screening colonies would grow
> more rapidly and contain more plasmid than those grown on other media.
> Any information available?
>                               Dick Wrathall
>                                  Biology Department, American Univ.
>                                  Washington, D.C.

TB allows the bugs to grow to a higher density in liquid
medium.  I doubt that you could increase the density in a
colony beyond what it already is.  TB does not increase the
plasmid copy number.  I also doubt TB makes them grow faster.

The one potential advantage I could see would be to get away
with using less volume of agar medium per plate (say 10 mls
instead of the usual 30 mls.  That would save on time since
more plates could be made with the same volume of media.

Mike K

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