What conc. HCl needed to depurinate DNA?

Uttam Rajbhandary bhandary at wccf.mit.edu
Wed Dec 8 16:46:00 EST 1993

In article <93340.175216RROXBY at MAINE.MAINE.EDU>, Robert Roxby <RROXBY at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> writes...
>I want to make sure some glasssware is free of contaminating
>DNA and would appreciate being pointed to the appropriate
>reference.  Thanks,  Bob

For depurinating dna is agarose gels, I use 0.1M HCL for 10 minutes.  I would 
think that this concentration would work on glassware.  Perhaps be on the safe 
side and use 0.2N for 30 minutes.  Follow by 0.2N NaOH to break the chain if 
you want.

harold drabkin

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