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Wed Dec 8 11:11:22 EST 1993

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@IO,pt0qiX@{2"F`2#|xFrom Craig Wilding:
> I am trying to clone some fragments of mitochondrial DNA into
> bluescript but am having trouble with the subsequent colour
> selection of recombinant clones. 
> The products as well as uncut bluescript, bluescript cut + ligase
> and bluescript + no ligase (controls) were used to transform
> fresh competant E.coli XL1Blue. These were then plated on Luria
> The bacteria seem to grow at the
> correct levels compared to the controls but don't change colour
> to allow selection. Sometimes some of the controls have adopted
> a debatable blue-green tinge but nothing like the white and blue
> colours I expected. I transferred some of the colonies to an agar
> plate produced in another department but these didn't change
> colour either.

XL1Blue has an F'::Tn10 ProAB lacI(q) Delta)lacZM15 episome.  If
the proAB

When are we going to be able to use superscripts, subscripts and

Hope this helps.

Caroline Breitenberger
Ohio State University
Department of Biochemistry

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