Signal peptide program for PC

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Wed Dec 8 09:48:09 EST 1993

I am posting this E-mail to the network because a 
direct communication with Vincent Mulholland bounced 

I read a recent E-mail to the Methods network regarding 
a PC computer program which predicts signal peptides 
using von heijne's analysis.  I think he called the 
program Antheprot.  He stated that the program was 
available from the Merlot gopher hole.

I am interested in getting a copy of this program.  
However, I am doing my postdoctoral research at Sandoz 
Pharmaceutical Corp. and the protection on our computer 
system does not allow us to retrieve programs 
electronically.  I was wondering if anyone would send 
me a copy via regular mail on a 3 1/2" floppy.  I would 
be willing to send you the diskettes.  Alternatively, 
one may be able to send a binary copy via E-mail.  Does 
anyone have a suggestion on how I might get a copy of 
this program?

Todd M Johnson      E-mail: Johnson_t at

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
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East Hanover, NJ 07936

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