Semi-Dry Blotting System

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Wed Dec 8 02:10:39 EST 1993

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> I'm looking for a semi-dry blotting system for protein blotting. I would
> appreciate any suggestions or experience with systems available in the
> US (and the price if you know). 
> Thanks a lot.
>                                            Klara

Re: Semi-dry blotting systems:

Our lab swears by the TYLER semi-dry blotting apparatus (a canadian company
from Calgary, Alberta...(so i assume that the exchange rate would be quite
favourable to you). Sorry i can't get you more info but it is quite late
and our lab tech ordered it...

When you transfer, a very good powerpack is needed (for a regular size gel,
15inchX15inch, you need at least 350mA with a voltage of 6-10V so a good
powerpack is crucial.

By the way, you can stack the gels one on top of each other if you want to
do multiple transfers.

Joseph Lee
Dept. of Biochemistry
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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