UV treatment of PCR contamination

Thu Dec 9 10:49:00 EST 1993

> I am interested in decontaminating PCR
> reagents with UV light using a UV oven
> ordinarily used for crosslinking.  I've
> been told that only one-two minutes is
> required since these UV boxes have sharply
> defined wavelengths.  I would like to know
> others' experiences with UV treatment to
> eliminate contamination and how much time/
> exposure is needed?  
>   Also any interesting tales as to sources
> of contamination would be useful or at least
> "fun" to hear about.
>   Another question.  Are areosol resistant
> pipet tips themselves, effective in 
> preventing contamination.
> Thanks
> Rick
> rocket1 at acs.bu.edu
We have found that the majority of cases of contamination come from
cross-contamination caused by aerosols generated by pipettes.  The best
way to eliminate this is through the use of aerosol resistant tips or
through the dedication of pipettes for the setup of PCRs (i.e. *never*
let these pipettes come in contact with anything containing template
DNA.  Since the institution of these measures, we have found caese of
contamination to be relatively rare.

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