Detection of Carbohydrate

Bob Lauder bsa016 at
Thu Dec 9 05:48:08 EST 1993

> I work with a small glycoprotein. [....]
> I am looking for a method sensitive
> enough to detect 0.01 - 0.1 mg of the released carbohydrate.
> This is my carbohydrate:
> -GlcNac(-Fuc)-GlcNac-Man-(Man-GlcNac-Gal-SA)2

 You could use size exclusion to separate the protein core and the released 
oligosaccharide.  Monitor the eluate with a u.v. detector at 206nm (0r 216) 
and this will detect the oligosaccharide.  If you also monitor at 280nm you 
will see your core protein (which will also absorb strongly at 216nm, however
oligosaccharides will not absorb strongly at 280nm).

 Hope this helps.


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