HEPES/MES in pH adjustments of tissue cultu

Dean Danner Lab djdlab at bimcore.emory.edu
Fri Dec 10 12:51:42 EST 1993

In article JMu at umdnj.edu, bawagan at umdnj.edu (Hinayana Bawagan) writes:
>    I need to test the sensitivity of my virus to different pHs. HEPES and MES
>are used for pH adjustments of tissue culture media.  I do no know how to go 
>about preparing the media.  Is there some kind of calculation involved that
>this amount of the chemical will give me this pH?  The media has to be sterile
>so I just can't have the electrode of a pH meter dipped into it while I am
>adding some adjuster dropwise. 
>    I apologize for asking if the answer is obvious and too basic to be
>asked in the net.
>    Thank you. 

	I work with human cells, looking at responses of the cells to different pH's.
Apparently, people did this a lot back in the 70's, but there is a very good paper 
by Eagle in Science from 1971 which lists optimal buffer concentrations to maintain 
certain pH's.  Buffers include Hepes, PIPES, TES, TRICINE, etc. in varying concen-
trations to achieve specific pH's.  Ref:  Science, Vol. 174, p. 500-503, Oct.29,1971.
	I've used the recommendations for pH 6.8 and 7.4 and they work well.

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