How to name a clone?

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Fri Dec 10 17:31:41 EST 1993

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>> Hi netters,
>> When you got a clone (cDNA clone or genomic DNA clone), you need to
>> name it. I was wondering if there is any rule to do this. I recently got
>> a cDNA clone of cysteine proteinase from wheat (my insert is in
>> pBluescript). What name could I give to my clone?
>> Any ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated.
>Why not pPZ... Lots of people name their clone after themselves!
>Iain Wilson
>iwilson at

No flame/malice/busting intended but it is much more informative if you
give the clone a name which reflects its function, expresion pattter etc.
I am not very imaginative but you could do something like "cpw" for
"Cysteine Proteinase from Wheat" or "cyp" for "CYsteine Proteinase".
Others may have better suggestions; its just more helpful to the reader
of a paper if they can connect the name of your clone to something
biologically relevant.

paul bucciaglia

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