?RNA extraction

DAVIDIAN davidian at msdos.montpellier.inra.fr
Fri Dec 10 10:20:17 EST 1993

          Dear Netters,
          I would like to extract RNA from Maize bundle sheath cells
          and mesophyll cells. The usual method for separating these
          involves protoplasting. I understand that cellulose and
          pectinase used for the protoplasting are full of RNases,
          does that mean that this method of separation is out or are
          there ways round it? Alternatively does anyone have an
          alternative method for purifying these tissues for use in
          RNA preps.

          Helen Logan.

          Biochimie et Physiologie Vgtales,
          ENSA-M/ INRA,
          e-mail Davidian at montpellier.inra.fr

                For anyones who's interested I repeated the RNA
          extractions adding the sarkosyl to the guanidium solution
          afterwards and they seem (by gel electrophoresis) to have
          worked well, thank you to all those who sent advice.

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