How to name a clone?

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Sun Dec 12 22:52:50 EST 1993

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> Hi netters,
> When you got a clone (cDNA clone or genomic DNA clone), you need to
> name it. I was wondering if there is any rule to do this. I recently got
> a cDNA clone of cysteine proteinase from wheat (my insert is in
> pBluescript). What name could I give to my clone?
We name them based upon their library, and their shorthand they get in the
purification process.  So, lambdaBGL12 is primary pick #12 from a bovine genomic
libary, pFa23 is a positive from a plasmid expression library from the "Fth" pool, 
"a" subpool and 23 pick of the subpool.
Sounds kinda complicated, but if you get into a few libraries a year like we do, 
it helps to make sense out of all the films and frozen stocks of these picks. 

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