Recovery of DNA from agarose gels

the End jgraham at
Thu Dec 16 00:43:01 EST 1993


The last item in the FAQ gives my favorite method of recovering DNA
from agarose. Its the only one of many that I have used that always works,
probably because it is so simple, there is nowhere for your sample to go.

Here goes:

1. Run a low-melt
2. Excise the band of interest
3. Melt it in an eppie at 70C
4. Freeze the molten agar at -70C
5. Spin and draw off the supernatant
6. Use directly without ppcpt (or any further treatment)

This can be done on ethidium stained gels provided a longwave trans-
illuminator is used, and the material appears to be suitable for 
many procedures. Ligation efficiency is only slightly lower than more 
thoroughly purified fragments.

Quickest and most reliable, no alternatives are worth considering, unless
you find a more demanding use for the material than I have.

J. Graham
Indiana University

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