E-coli transposons (Host Factors)

j.bousson at ic.ac.uk j.bousson at ic.ac.uk
Thu Dec 16 12:24:47 EST 1993

Dear BioNetworkers,

I am trying to find E. coli genes that play a role in the
transposition of a Tn element that I am studying.
Many such genes have already been identified for Tn3, Tn5,
Tn10, etc...
I would like to check them out.
Could anybody out there supply me with E. coli strains (or
references) with mutations  affecting transposion i.e. FIS-
strain, HIS-, HU-, gyrA, dam, dcm, etc...
I would need strains with only one of these mutations at a time
and the isogenic non-mutated corresponding strain to use as



JC Bousson
Centre for Biotechnology
Imperial College
London SW7 2AZ
j.bousson at ic.ac.uk

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