Any public source (FTP?) for biosoftware?

John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Fri Dec 17 13:37:18 EST 1993

	In addition to the other sites listed in the earlier reply to your
message, you might want to try looking at (or its mirror
at pub/mirrors3/  this is often much
easier to get onto for anonymous FTP).  Also, you can try,
they have a lot of useful software although I personally haven't looked at
DOS-based material.  In either case, if you are looking for a specific
piece of software you might want to try ARCHIE to find it:
(login) archie
(>) prog  ****whatever your program name is *** <RETURN>

Bits in parentheses are what your prompts will be, there is on-line help
but kind of confusing.  This should return just about all sites on the net
where you can access the program.   :-)

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