Roy Britten rbritten at
Sat Dec 18 15:14:42 EST 1993

  I was hoping the world at large could help me with this
conundrum. I have this clone (6.6 kb) which encodes a
protein with an interesting domain . This gene lies at bases 1200-2200
and I thought there was a whole lot of non-coding region in this
cDNA clone but amazingly I learned a couple days ago that the
first 1000 bases encode a mitochondrial protein (and with mitochondrial
codon usage).   I thought it was a cloning artifact and was about to
toss it when I realized that as a probe for a Northern a 1000 base 5'
end chunk of it identified a 6.6 kb (that's how big the cDNA is ) band.
Also, a prior partial cDNA way at the 3' end also yields a 6.6 kb
band on a Northern.  Since the mito genome is so well characterized,
it is unlikely that the 1200-2200 gene is a novel mito. gene.
So, is this a trans-organellar transcript or what??
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P.S.  The 1200-2200 encoded protein is real,it has a homologue in Dros,etc.
       Also, it seems to be nuclear codon usage since AGG in torpedo
       mito codons would (I think) put stop codons in the otherwise
open reading frame.

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