Federal Guidelines?(ftp, please)

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Mon Dec 20 13:37:51 EST 1993

In article <2eq222$80l at dartvax.dartmouth.edu>, bob.gross at dartmouth.edu (Bob Gross) writes:
> Does anyone know if the Federal Guidelines for Recombinant DNA research
> are available on line. My WAIS and Archie (and Veronica) searches have
> turned up nothing.

I doubt it.  I ask the GPO if the CDC Manual is also on a net system and it
isn't.  Since the charge for these government publications is essentially free
except for the postage and handling charge (ie no profit) and there is no
copyright on the CDC Manual, we can save a lot of trees and be very efficient
if these could be transferred electronically.

Is there a large enough group with enough clout to get this done?

> Bob Gross
> Dept. of Biology, Dartmouth College
> bob.gross at dartmouth.edu

Jim Miller
Indianapolis, IN
jrm at lilly.com

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