response to Bob gross

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Mon Dec 20 15:13:32 EST 1993

First of all please forgive me 'cause I have no idea about what CDC can be. But
 from your message a can guess it is a federal doc for USA. Well, same days ago
 I e-mail to whitehouse just for fun ( I couldn't belive when I read in 'TIME'
the president e-mail address ). They offer a bibliografic service that may incl
ude such a kind of doc's like the one you are looking for. The address is :
                   publications at
Just e-mail the 'send info' message to get more information about it.
I hope you be lucky.
Have a nice Christmas and best whishes for 1994.
Jose Macias.
Department of Microbiology. U. Leon. Spain.
PS.:I tried to e-mail this issue directly to you but it was not possible.

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