Alkaline transfers - a possible variant?

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Mon Dec 20 18:09:23 EST 1993

In article <CIBvJy.2Dr at>, pamaga at (Paulo Magalhaes) writes:
> For all our transfers (DNA to Hybond) we use 0.4M NaOH.
> Since we use quite a lot of this, we get all these solutions
> made for us. By mistake we got a few litres of 0.4M NaOH, 0.6M NaCl.
> We don't really want to throw out all this, so we started wondering
> what COULD happen if we used this "new" solution for the transfer. 
> Paulo
Hi Paulo,

We use 0.4M NaOH, 0.6M NaCL routinely for our alkaline blots onto Hybond N, so
I'm sure it will work fine.  In fact, I now use this as my universal denaturing
solution - for blots, phage lifts and stripping filters.



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