Mol. Biol. Buffers Resource?

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Tue Dec 21 21:27:08 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec21.201806.23159 at> Sheryl White,
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>Hi everyone...just wondering (for the umpteenth time) whether there is
>CD or computer database/program that can be bought (for under $1,000)
>which has many of the common molecular biology
>buffers/solutions/reagents recipes in it.  I'm getting tired of
>constantly hunting down and searching through notebooks, Lab manuals,
>current protocols, to find this stuff.  I'm considering compiling
>everything into a computer file, but I would rather not recreate the
>if there is something like this already out there (at a reasonable
> Does anybody out there know of such a thing?

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology (the 2 red books) are now
available on CD-ROM.
I saw a demo. at a conference earlier this year and it allows you to cut
and paste, do searches, etc.   

I hope this helps.

Ron Kagan
rkagan at

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