Problem with BrdUr labelling

Chia Jin Ngee mcblab47 at
Tue Dec 21 02:52:09 EST 1993

Hi to all in Bionetland!

I have this current problem with BrdUr labelling and it is as follows:

1. I use Amersham's Cell Proliferation kit and instead of using the
anti-mouse peroxidase in the kit, I use anti-mouse FITC from BM to stain
the anti-BrdUr antibody from the kit. I notice background staining in the
cytosol of non-S phase CEM cells. 

2. Instead of using the anti-BrdUr antibody supplied in the kit, I tried
the Oncogene Science anti-BrdUr FITC but unable to get any staining at
all. I followed the protocol from the Amersham kit. 

Kindly advise on the above two problems.

Blessings and thanks
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