Elimination of the fixing step in sequencing

Harry Harry
Wed Dec 29 10:48:59 EST 1993

In article <2fn2qg$kg1 at news.mic.ucla.edu> Jonathan Gary <jgary at ewald.mbi.ucla.edu> writes:
>To: Hinayana Bawagan
>I have *never* fixed my sequencing gels.... We use Long Ranger Acryl. mix
>here and we go directly from pulling the plates apart right onto the gel
>drier!! :-)
>Fixing is really only nec. when you are running seq. gels with wedged
>spacers - the fixing gives some added rigidity to the thinner upper
>portion of the gel.
>As for stickyness, we just add a thin coat of J&J baby powder to the
>dried gel, this stops any left over tackyness after drying (and prevents
>ghost blobs on the film from static sparks as you peel off the film).
>Hope this helped..................................

I have heard before that not fixing the gel can lead to damage to the
gel drier pump from the urea.  Is there any truth to this?

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