Custom Synthesis, Any ideas?

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Thu Dec 30 12:35:41 EST 1993

>C. Ott of DuPont-New England Nuclear writes:
>>I'm looking for information, what are my options, about having custom
>>synthesis work done. In particular I need to have a couple of peptides

>Really, if you're going to do market research, you should
>identify it as such.
>Peter Riis
>Amersham Corp
>p00475 at

Dr. Ott did not phrase his message as being anything other than a
personal request.  However, I believe from past postings that he may
be in the marketing group at Dupont.  If so and this is a disguised
attempt to collect marketing data, this is definitely not in the
spirit of these groups.  It is up to Dr. Ott to clarify his intent.


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