Custom Synthesis, Any ideas?

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Thu Dec 30 10:10:46 EST 1993

>DATE:   Wed, 29 Dec 1993 14:06:38 GMT
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C. Ott of DuPont-New England Nuclear writes:

>I'm looking for information, what are my options, about having custom
>synthesis work done. In particular I need to have a couple of peptides
>radiolabeled and three biological molecules synthesized, 2 with
>radiolabels and one with either radiolabel OR fluorescent label.
anies can I contact? What are your experiences with them?
>Pricing? What are typical turn around times for this work?
>Any comments about the quality and responsiveness when having this
>type of work done?

Why don't you try New England Nuclear?

Really, if you're going to do market research, you should
identify it as such.

Peter Riis
Amersham Corp
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