Sequencing Gel Drying hardware - Experiences?

Thu Dec 30 15:11:57 EST 1993

After a number of years of drying our sequencing gels directly onto
glass plates and exposing them to film sandwiched onto the glass, we
have become tired of periodic problems of gels not sticking to the
"sticky" plate, or not releasing from the "nonsticky" plate. Most of
the time it works ok, but it is frustrating when it doesn't.	We are
contemplating getting a gel drier for at least back-up use. People
we have spoken to use everything from a plastic, $1000 Bio-Rad drier
hooked up to an aspirator or house vacuum with only an unchilled
Erlenmyer trap,  to a $5000, stainless steel, all in one Savant
drier with special vacuum pump and integral trap. ANy experience
with this type of equipment, obvious do's or don'ts would be
appreciated, so we can put together a reliable system. Thanks in

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