Looking For Human T-cell Lambda Library

Christopher T. Huhta huhta at poe.ccs.itd.umich.edu
Thu Feb 4 12:38:23 EST 1993

	We are looking for a lambda bacteriophage cDNA library. 
Specifically we need:

1.  A library primed with RANDOM HEXANUCLEOTIDES (not oligo-dT).
2.  The library must be cDNA inserts, not genomic.
3.  Constructed from Human T-cell line Jurkat.  (or another cell line...we
can test to see if it expresses the gene we want)

If anyone has leads on who to talk to, or if you have a library yourself,
please drop me a line via e-mail and let me know if you are willing to
share some of your phage.  Thank you.

Chris Huhta
Dept. of Internal Medicine
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
huhta at poe.ccs.itd.umich.edu
1+ (313) 763-6941

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