Metallothionein promoter-based vectors

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>Hi, bionetters:
>Does anyone know of vectors that have metallothionein promoter
>for gene expression in mammalian cells? I found one in the
>Invitrogen catalog, but they stop selling the vector because
>of some instability problems. I would appreciate if someone
>can point me to the source of a vector, or better yet, send
>me some DNA by mail.

A gopher search of the Vector database at
yields the following information - look up the references, call
the authors and see if they'll give you the expression vector
that you want.

LOCUS       SYNMETMO      280 bp ds-DNA             SYN       15-SEP-1990
DEFINITION  MoMLV/mouse metallothionein promoter recombinant DNA.
SOURCE      Mouse and mouse moloney leukemia virus DNA.
  ORGANISM  Artificial gene
            Artificial sequences; Genes.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 280)
  AUTHORS   Mclvor,R.S.
  TITLE     Deletion in a recombinant retroviral vector resulting from a
            cryptic splice donor signal in the moloney leukemia virus envelope
  JOURNAL   Virology 176, 652-655 (1990)


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