Releasing adherent cells w/o trypsin

Frederick Garbrecht fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU
Mon Feb 8 18:58:44 EST 1993

5 mM EDTA in PBS is what we use for murine L cells.  The longer the cells
are on plastic, the harder they are to get off.

F Garbrecht
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 On 8 Feb 1993
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> Subject: Releasing adherent cells w/o trypsin
> Dear Netter,
> I vaguely recall a conversation a couple years ago where someone
> mentioned a protocol for releasing adherent cells from tissue culture
> flasks/dishes without trypsinizing them. I believe it involved EDTA but
> I'm not sure. If anyone has a reference or protocol for this I would
> be very appreciative. My main concern is to release the cells with
> minimal disturbance to the membrane. If you have other ideas please feel
> free to suggest them. Thanks in advance.
> Mark A. Brudnak
> University of Tulsa
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