GIP and Digitizer for sequencing

Sudhanshu Vrati vrati at
Tue Feb 9 16:59:54 EST 1993

I have been using a digitizer hooked onto a vt200 terminal together with GIP
(gel interpretation program, Staden) for entering sequence data from Xray
films into the computer.  Recently my terminal died due to some storm activity.
Ever since the digitizer also is not communicating properly.  Is there anybody
out there who is using the digitizer with MACINTOSH or an IBM PC or SUN/Vax
who could help me fixing the problem ? Thanks in anticipation.


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    CSIRO Division of Biomolecular Engg.,                 Fax: 61-2-8864805
    PO Box 184, North Ryde, NSW 2113      Email: vrati at
    Sydney (Australia) 

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