Biotinylated probes

Jon Binkley binkley at boulder.Colorado.EDU
Tue Feb 9 14:28:39 EST 1993

vince at (Geoff Vince) writes:

>Can anyone provided a tried and tested protocol for biotinylating cDNA 
>oligonucleotide probes.

You can make oligos with a biotin anywhere in it- 3', internal, or 5'-
for $50 to $200 (depending on number of oligos and synthesis scale)
in addition to the cost of the oligo. Several companys make the
reagents (they're phosphoramidites with C6-biotin instead of a base);
I've used Clontech's with good success.

I realize Geoff was probably asking about enzymatic methods, but
this is a viable (albeit expensive) alternative.

Jon Binkley

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